Twitter Ski Trip 2020

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Let’s shred some POW

Twitter Ski Trip 2020

What – The greatest Ski Trip Since #21e8

When – 2-6 April, 2020


I know this may be slummin it for you CT billionaires

Where – Frisco, Colorado, USA – More specifically, this sick ass house (exact address to be given 1 week prior)

Why – To meet the friends we spend so much time with on twitter and to create a supermassive black hole via quantum gravity and galaxy brains

Who – The #deosmob. Who’s that? You know. So far we have the following people:

Confirmed: @chrismezzz, @uytcow, @c0inAlchemist, @kspr4y, @fjcoin, @patin__, @EVIAEAI, @jubag__, @ZeniPT, @AnthonyKarrick, @TugWitt, @Sunyacrypto

Maybe: @MDF_365, @FluidFluxation, @IamandIr1, @mrbrockvond, @bronzejaguar

The house sleeps 12 but if we end up with a few more, that’s cool. There are 2 King Beds, 2 Queen Beds, 2 Bunkbeds, and a couch. If we anticipate more than 9-10 then bring an air mattress to be safe.


I’m not going to try and coordinate flights/car transport, but if you arrive in DEN at the same time as me, let me know and you can hop in my rental. Here’s my flight details:


@chrismezzz United Flights

Frisco is 1.5-2 hours from Denver Airport. I hear there are reasonable shuttles/buses, and renting a car is always an option. If you rent, let me know and try to coordinate with 1-2 people because the house only has 4 parking spots.


Denver to Frisco

House Details

Check in is 4 PM on 4/2 and Checkout is 10AM on 4/6.

house 3

House is sweet


I (@chrismezzz) fronted the money for the house, which came to $2883 after all fees. If we anticipate 10 people, it’ll be $288.30 per person. I’m cool with waiting until the week of to accept payment, but if you want to get it off of your mind, you can send the money whenever, just shoot me an email ( when you pay. If we end up with more than 10 people I will send you a refund or we can put the extra $$ towards booze.

I prefer payment in BTC/BSV, cuz if WE can’t coordinate cryptocurrency payment, then who can?

BTC: 14d52hiXrnpT2C2xzieSXwpGXaLReSpZLn

BSV: $chrismezzz (handcash) or 1BLc6ELVd3yDugG21scncEchSRZ8APvpXd or


venmo: @Chris-Mezzacappa


Most of us are going skiing/snowboarding. There’s no plan to buy bulk tickets, but if you find a good deal, let everyone know. It usually makes sense to buy a pass ahead of time and load it up for 1-2 days. This will let us skip the lines and maybe save a few bucks. There are lots of awesome mountains in the area. If you need rentals, the house site said to go through their partner (Charter Sports) for a 30% discount.

If you dont Ski/Snowboard, that’s cool too. The house has a hot tub and is walking distance from the town of Frisco.

Food + Stuff

We’ll coordinate in the twitter chat, but each person should try and bring a ton of booze and whatever specific things they want. Maybe we’ll pool money for some meals/big grocery run.

house 2



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