Bitconsult Presentation at the September Roundtable


Bitconsult Presentation at the September Roundtable

Bitconsult was invited to present at Steven Feldstein & Associates Quarterly Roundtable in September 2019. We jumped at the opportunity to talk about Bitcoin with a group of Investment Advisers. Check out the presentation here, and our slide deck there.

If you’re an investment adviser that’s starting to get questions from your clients about Bitcoin, you likely need some help. Bitconsult offers one-on-one and group consultations specifically designed for investment advisers who have a duty to keep their finger on the pulse of financial technology. We typically hold this as a 2 hour Q+A to give us plenty of time to discuss a wide range of topics from financial sovereignty to the “internet of value”.

We’re also available for personal consultations with investors looking to avoid scams, hold their own private keys, set up a mining rig, and just about anything else you can think of.

To schedule a consultation, contact us anytime!

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