There’s a lot of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency information out there, and not all of it is good. When possible, try to get information directly from the developer, project, or organization you’re interested in. Below is a list of great resources we’ve found over the years. Please leave a comment if you have any to add!


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Mastering Bitcoin – The Bitcoin Bible

Mastering Bitcoin – Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Without a doubt, the Bitcoin bible. This book covers every aspect of Bitcoin, explaining at both a functional and very technical level. There are even sections of code to help developers who want to build on top of the Bitcoin Protocol. Some day this book isn’t for beginners, but with all of the misleading information out there on Bitcoin, this is where everyone should start. Andreas is such a cool guy that he even posted this book for free on GitHub.

The Internet of Money Volume I – Andreas M. Antonopoulos – A compilation of Andreas’s best lectures. A good audiobook listen.

The Internet of Money Volume II – See above

The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous – The argument for Bitcoin as better money. This is a must-read for those looking for a history on the evolution of money.

What Has Government Done to Our Money? – Marray Rothbard. A succinct summary of the evolution of money.

The Denationalisation of Money – Friederich Hayek. An argument for private money.

The Code Book – Simon Singh – An entertaining, informative read on the history of cryptography and cryptanalysis. Reading this book will give you a solid foundation on the mathematics that secures the Bitcoin network.

How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance – Brain Patrick Eha – An entertaining narrative that covers the history of Bitcoin and some of the key players.


Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast by Trace Mayer

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast by Trace Mayer

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – – Early Bitcoin Investor Trace Mayer hosts a podcast where he interviews the major players in the Bitcoin world. As you’ll quickly find out while listening to the podcast, Trace started publicly recommending Bitcoin at 25 cents! The podcast is no longer frequently updated, but there are some incredible episodes in the archives. I suggest checking out the interview series with Dr. Adam Back for information on sidechains, lightning network and more.

The World Crypto Network Podcast – A collection of podcasts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Off Chain with Jimmy Song is particularly informative, and is published almost daily. The Bitcoin News show with @theonevortex is also incredible, but not as frequent.


Websites – Why not get your information straight from the source? While there is no official Bitcoin website due to it’s decentralized nature, this is about as close as you can get. Here you’ll find Bitcoin information, Satoshi’s White Paper, the Bitcoin Core reference client, and much more. Do not confuse this website for, which is currently aligned with Bitcoin Cash, a minority fork of the Bitcoin network.

Jameson Lopp – Incredible collection of Bitcoin resources.

Free Code Camp – Thorough guide for becoming a blockchain programmer.

Invest in Blockchain – Great getting started resources.

Smith + Crown – A great resource for cryptocurrency news, upcoming ICO’s and altcoin analysis.

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steemit – Short Form Content, get paid to post!

Steemit – A reddit-like website where users get paid to post! Steemit is one of our favorite projects at bitconsult. Not only can users get paid for posting short-form content, but Steemit also has an incentive system for finding and upvoting quality content, a huge breakthrough in the battle for attention. Steemit works off of its own blockchain and offers native cryptocurrency (STEEM and Steem Dollars) to reward users. Be sure to check out bitconsult’s content on steemit and send us some upvotes!

ELI5 Bitcoin – A great resource by a fellow redditor. The “Should I Buy Bitcoin” link is particularly well-done. This website is intended to explain Bitcoin in a simple way (ELI5 = Explain Like I am 5 years Old).

Bitcoin for Five Year Olds – On a similar note, here’s another ELI5 resource on Mike’s Gear Reviews

Be careful on reddit. There is a lot of misinformation on the r/BTC and r/Bitcoin subreddits. Make sure to do your own research before taking anything on reddit as fact.

Portfolio Management

Blockfolio – An easy to use app that tracks your crypto portfolio. Blockfolio is continuously updated to include new coins and new exchanges.



@jimmysong – Bitcoin developer, Bitcoin news + information

@theonevortex – Host of the Bitcoin News Show

@WhalePanda – Funny, timely, insightful Bitcoin tweets.

@lopp – bitGo engineer, creator of, also pretty funny

@fluffypony – Monero’s incredibly entertaining creator

@desantis – Genius programmer, tech editor – Bitcoin Magazine

@petertoddbtc – Applied Cryptography Consultant

@NickSzabo – Blockchain pioneer

@aantonop – The one and only Andreas M. Antonopoulos

@adam3us – Bitcoin contributor, Co-Founder/CEO

@TheBlueMatt – Bitcoin dev @ Chaincode Labs

@SatoshiLite – Litecoin creator, amusing follow.

@bcrypt – Brave developer, smart + insightful

@bramcohen – Creator of BitTorrent, cryptocurrency developer

@CobraBitcoin – Co-owner of &

@LukeDashjr – Bitcoin Core developer

@eric_lombrozo – Bitcoin Core contributor

@Beautyon – Insightful BTC information


@parabolictrav – Very positive voice with solid technical analysis

@ToneVays – Bitcoin technical analysis

@TuurDemeester – Economist & Investor, Editor at Adamant Research

@TraceMayer – Early Bitcoin advocate, the “Babe Ruth of Bitcoin Shills”

@PeterLBrandt – classical charting principles

@alansilbert – Bitcoin guru/evangelist/HODLer

@barrysilbert – founder/CEO of @DCGco, parent of @GrayscaleInvest

@brucefenton – CEO Chainstone Labs, Atlantic Financial & Satoshi Roundtable

@Andy_Hoffman_CG – Operates, bitcoin + gold focus, fundamental analysis


@notsofast – altcoin analysis


aantonop – Who else, but the master Bitcoin evangelist.

Kamal Glover – More or less unfiltered collection of bitcoin stories on cable news.


Coinbase – Most people’s gateway to Bitcoin. A professional, easy to use exchange.

GDAX – The exchange that backs Coinbase. Port your account over here and pay lower fees. 0.25% for market orders and 0% for limit orders.

Bittrex – An altcoin exchange with a ton of listings, 2 Factor Authentication, and a pretty good interface.

Bitcoin MVP’s

These are some of the heroes of Bitcoin. If they had jerseys, it’s all we would wear here at bitconsult. This list is by no means all-encompassing, comment and send us some of your favorites!

Satoshi Nakamoto – Pseudonym for the creator of Bitcoin. No one knows the true identity of Mr. Nakamoto. Are you Satoshi? Contact us! 😉

Trace Mayer – Investor in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Infrastructure. Invested in Armory, BitPay and Kraken. Hosts the podcast. Trace started publicly recommending Bitcoin at a quarter. He’s got a great understanding of not only blockchain technology but also finance and economics.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Master Bitcoin evangelist. Andreas has a knack for explaining complicated topics in a simple, entertaining way.

Dr. Adam Back – CEO of Blockstream, creator of Hashcash, Bitcoin legend. OG cypherpunk, cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Dr. Peter Wuille – Bitcoin Core Developer, creator of Segregated Witness (SegWit), responsible for many of Bitcoin’s functionality and security improvements.

Gregory Maxwell – Bitcoin Core developer. The “Bitcoin Wizard” has dozens of Bitcoin commits. Gregory is currently working on confidential transactions.

Bram Cohen – Creator of BitTorrent, legend in distributed systems.

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