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Is Bitcoin Really Destroying the Environment?

Bitcoin and the Environment Let’s get one thing straight, we here at Bitconsult LOVE our planet. Whether hiking Mt. Rainier,...

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Lessons Learned – An Informal Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

Lessons Learned – Cryptocurrency Trading Today’s post is a little different. We’re going to share some lessons learned from the...

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Blockchain, not Bitcoin?

Blockchain, not Bitcoin? 2017 was the year of old dudes getting on TV and regurgitating the same line: “Bitcoin is...

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Act Your Age, Not Your Blocksize

Act Your Age, Not Your Blocksize – The Immature Bitcoin Infrastructure Introduction Technically, Bitcoin as been around for 9 years....

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The Future is (Bitcoin) Futures!

The Future is (Bitcoin) Futures Introduction The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) just gave the green light to allow for...

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Protect Your Bitcoin!

Protecting Your BTC So, you’ve gone down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and you’ve made your first Bitcoin purchase, congrats! Now...

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